Dr. Vanita Arora

1st Jan 2021

A step into 2021

I am Sick of 2020……Get rid of it…..

We will never forget this Year, but to hate it and to wish it away, would also mean that we are letting go of the great opportunity to admit the crucial Lessons 2020 has taught us…… e.g. Patience, Empathy, Living with Minimum- we don’t need soo much.

More so it taught us that there is Life in Stillness, Time moves On, No One’s indispensable, Family is more important than Work and Career and above all it taught “Love Yourself”, You are important, give Yourself time and priority, Life is passing on without You giving yourself a Chance to Live. Whatever You want to do, do it today, do it now because this is Your moment, live it to the fullest.

We are survivors of challenges, we thrived through the worst, we healed from losses and we have Adapted like never before. These are the great lessons from great teacher 2020.

A change of Date or Year will not make all the problems vanish, it will change when Our mind set changes and that is not by saying I hate 2020 rather replace it to “Hey I learned a lot of lessons in 2020”, and there are crucial life lessons learned.

To grow & to evolveWemust befriend pain and We must befriend challenges.

If We are Brave, then Lookback at 2020 with utmost respect, honor and most important immense Gratitude as it is the gratitude that puts us in place of abundance. Gratitude shifts our Focus on what we have, rather than what we don’t have.

Look how much we have Evolved and matured and grown at another level altogether within just a year.

I salute and honor 2020 and with this mindset I enter 2021………

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